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Premier's business Internet banking solution, Premierecorp provides high-performance 24x7 online banking, corporate cash management and seamless cross-platform integration with a full range of e-commerce, core banking and imaging systems. Now your financial institution can increase fee-based revenue and lower operating costs by streamlining or eliminating many of the labor-intensive tasks traditionally associated with these business-oriented activities.

Premierecorp is also an effective relationship management tool, offering your business clients the flexibility of secure, anytime/anywhere cash management with real-time transaction inquiries, stop pays, ACH and wire transfers.


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Real-Time Account Access & Review
  • ACH Origination
  • Transaction Management
  • Transaction History & Exports
  • File Transfer Management
  • Stop Item Management
  • Positive Pay
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Check Images
  • Administrative Options

ACH Origination

Premierecorp incorporates "Premier ACH," a browser-based ACH management tool that enables your business customers to generate and modify ACH files within any Premierecorp session. Once information is entered, the toolbar provides functions such as copying and pasting from one cell to another. For example, ACH files generated from Premierecorp can be formatted into NACHA files and transferred to the financial institution for processing.

Bill Payment Services

Provide your business customers with the only online service they need to pay vendors and manage accounts. In the same way they have traditionally used templates to transfer funds from one account to another, your business customers can now create templates to pay vendors using electronic fund transfers or paper checks.

Check Images

Businesses can view statements, notices, posted checks and other documents online using Premierecorp's new built-in integration with Premier Director. This 24x7 access to financial records makes Premierecorp an even more valuable service to customers. Institutions can capitalize on this added value through monthly fees or per-item service charges for viewing documents. Banks that combine Premierecorp and Director can also help customers answer many banking questions themselves, boosting bank profitability by lowering staffing costs.

Administrative Options

Premierecorp's Client Administrator enables customers to:
  • Set up employees without bank intervention
  • Assign individual security permissions for newly established employees
  • Control employee access to transfer and payment templates
  • Establish days and times employees can gain access to Premierecorp
With client administration, business customers get the control and convenience they want, giving your bank staff more time to build customer relationships and provide revenue-generating services.



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